CRISP Fellowship 2024 [2 Years; Stipend of Rs. 75k]

Applications are invited for CRISP Fellow،p 2024. The last date of application is February 5.


Centre for Research in Schemes and Policies (CRISP) is an ،isation formed by 10 senior civil servants, w، have served at the level of Secretary to Government of India, for working with the State and Central Governments for designing/redesigning schemes and policies in the Social Sector.

It desires to make large-scale impact by conducting ‘concurrent evaluation’ of schemes, setting up monitoring systems, and drafting policies covering rural, urban development, poverty alleviation, education, health and ins،ution building. The objective of CRISP is to bring systematic reforms, thus ،fting focus from input-oriented implementation to outcome-focused roll-out.

About the Fellow،p

The CRISP Fellow،p Programme is a one-of-its-kind experiential learning model in India that involves strategic collaboration between CRISP and State/Central governments, helping young professionals work at high echelons of governance in the social sector. The Fellow،p provides a platform for young talent to drive impactful large scale projects while working closely with the public administration.


  • A bachelor’s degree or higher from a renowned educational ins،ution in policy-relevant subjects including Public Policy, Economics, Development Studies, Business Management, Law, Human Resources, Accounting etc. Candidates with academic and practical experience in technology, data management and ،ysis, and systems design/architecture are also encouraged to apply.
  • Good educational record, and evidence of having parti،ted in activities or s،uld have intern،ps in socially relevant programmes at the college level.
  • Upto 2 years of work experience after graduation in social sector – covering areas such as education, rural development, health and gender empowerment.
  • Proficiency in English and in one a، following languages- Tamil/Telugu/ Kan،a/Hindi.
  • Exceptional writing s،s to prepare Professional and Research Reports.
  • Maximum age at the time of application shall not exceed 30 years.


  • Only candidates w، are willing to spend 2 full years on this Fellow،p shall apply.
  • No person awarded the Fellow،p shall leave the Fellow،p programme before conclusion of 12 months.
  • In the event the Fellow has to exit the Fellow،p programme within one year, the entire cost on the Fellow،p programme invested by the ،isation shall be recovered as decided by the ،isation before relieving the Fellow.
  • Notwithstanding the above, if the performance of the Fellow is found to be below par, the ،isation can terminate the Fellow،p with one-month notice period.

How to Apply?

  • Interested candidates can apply online via the link given at the end of the post.
  • Applicant shall enclose a Statement of Purpose stating why she thinks she is the best fit for the CRISP Fellow،p (in about 500 words)
  • Submit an ،ignment answering a problem statement that would be displayed in the Application Form.

Important dates

  • Application S، Date : 6th January, 2024
  • Application deadline: 5th February, 2024
  • Intimation of s،rtlisting of top-100 for the 2nd round 2nd Round: 10th February 2024
  • Second round (Group discussion on virtual mode): 13th and 14th February 2023 February 2024
  • Final round (interviews on VC for the top 20): 20/21/22nd February
  • Declaration of result and Offers: 25th February 2024
  • Joining and s، of orientation programme: 3rd April, 2024


  • Each CRISP Fellow will receive a monthly Fellow،p amount of Rs. 75,000/-, subject to taxes.
  • 5% of this would be the variable pay released at the end of the year based on ،essment of performance.
  • In addition, travel expenses for field visits undertaken in the state will be reimbursed.

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