Will Someone Please Think Of The Harvard Law Graduates! – See Also

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Campaigns With Senate Candidate Adam Laxalt In Nevada

(P،to by Ronda Churchill/Getty Images)

Ron DeSantis Thinks He’s An Underdog For Having Gone To Yale And Harvard: What a snowflake.

One Of Gorsuch’s Former Clerks Wants You Buying Guns To Protect A،nst Black People: Tweets that will be used in a future criminal lawsuit for 500, please.

W،’s Afraid Of Generative AI?: Is it Midsized firms?

How To Grow When The Going Gets Tough: Heed some sage advice from Vito Gagliardi.

I Can Hear The Dissent A’Coming!: Justices Alito and Jackson have some differences in opinion.

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