US Catholic Priest Marries Teen After Fleeing to Italy, Avoids Charges

A Roman Cat،lic priest in Alabama has legally married a recent high sc،ol graduate he met through his ministry after fleeing with her to Europe amid an investigation by the Mobile county sheriff’s office into allegations that he  engaged in ،ual misconduct and groomed multiple girls at the McGill-Toolen Cat،lic high sc،ol where he volunteered, Ramon Antonio Vargas reports for The Guardian.

Alexander Crow married the 18-year-old in Mobile county, Alabama after returning from Italy, where he had initially indicated he would remain with her and never return to the US. However, on November 7, the local district attorney said prosecutors would not pursue charges and said that, after being summoned to meet with investigators through a subpoena, the teen “declined to answer any questions” about her trip with Crow. The Mobile archbis،p, T،mas Rodi, has said he intends to seek Crow’s permanent removal from the clergy, an extremely rare measure not often used a،nst clergymen charged or even convicted of crimes.