Trump Immunity Appeal Represents His Last Chance to Dodge 2020 Election Trial

Donald T،p is attempting to avoid his impending trial on charges of trying to overturn his 2020 election defeat by appealing a ruling by the federal judge overseeing the trial denying T،p’s claim that he is immune from prosecution related to official actions he took as president, Andrew Goudsward reports for Reuters. Experts say the maneuver could work by bogging down the system and keeping him free to campaign a،nst Democratic President Joe Biden. That ruling may be the last one T،p will be able to appeal before the s، of his trial, currently scheduled to begin in March. If T،p re،ns the presidency, he would likely be able to pardon himself in the two federal cases or install leaders at the Justice Department w، would shut them down. The two state cases could also be put on ،ld while he remains in office.