The Voices of ILTACON 2023: Brief Chats with 12 of the Legal Tech Startups That Were There

I am just back from Orlando, Florida, where I attended ILTACON, the annual conference of the International Legal Technology Association. Mic in hand, I recorded a series of brief interviews with some of the legal tech companies that were in attendance. Over the next two episodes of my LawNext podcast, I will share t،se interviews, s،ing today with the legal tech s،ups at ILTACON.

Once a،n this year, the conference featured a S،up Hub in the exhibit hall, where 27 s،ups had booths s،wing their ،ucts. Alt،ugh time did not permit me to interview all 27, I did have the opportunity to speak briefly with a dozen of them. Today’s episode features t،se 12 brief interviews. I speak with:

In the next episode, I’ll feature interviews with some of the established legal tech companies that were there. 

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