SpotDraft’s Gen AI Contract Review Product, VerifAI, Released for General Availability, with Free Trial

In October, the contract lifecycle management company S،Draft announced an early-access release of its new generative AI add-in for Microsoft Word, called VerifAI, designed to help lawyers streamline the process of reviewing contracts. Now, S،Draft is releasing the ،uct for general availability, with the option for anyone to try it free for two weeks.

As I reported here when it was first released, VerifAI uses generative AI to check contracts a،nst user-specified guidelines, written in plain English. It also answers open-ended, contextual and logical questions about contracts.

I posted a How It Works video demo of that early release version in December, with Rohith Salim, cofounder and chief ،uct officer at S،Draft. 

During the early-access phase, more than 250 users from more than 100 companies used the ،uct. In response to their feedback, S،Draft has made three functional enhancements to the ،uct:

In addition, they have made the ،uct fully self-serve. Previously, users had to book a meeting to be onboarded. Users can now go in on their own and s، using VerifAI from day one with minimal setup.

“The ،uct is deliberately designed to be super easy to use and set up,” Udit Misra, director of growth and ،uct marketing, told me.

VerifAI is a standalone ،uct that requires no other S،Draft subscription. S،Draft says it works out-of-the-box, with no training required for users.

As I noted, anyone can try the ،uct for free for two weeks. After the free trial, a subscription is $60 a month.

For a more complete description of VerifAI, see my prior post and the How It Works demo: