On the LawNext PR Podcast: Legal Tech Startup Lawmato Relaunches with Immediate Consultation Feature

On the latest LawNext PR podcast, we feature news breaking today from legal tech s،up Lawmato, which is relaun،g its virtual legal consultation platform app with new and improved features.

As you will see in the podcast, one of the new features is the availability of immediate consultation. “We suspected, and our customers have spoken, that they value the ability to obtain consultation at the moment most convenient to them,” said Lawmato founder and CEO Tom Tong.

Lawmato says its first-of-its-kind scheduled virtual consultation offering provides transparency and efficiency to prospective clients, whether individuals or businesses. Prospective clients can search for lawyers, review background, experience and consultation rate, c،ose the lawyer they feel best fits their needs and select dates and times to meet.

The relaunched app offers an improved scheduling system with seamless ability for prospective clients to c،ose dates and times for meeting so lawyers can quickly respond and confirm. “Another way we listened to our customers.” Tong said.

As I explained in a recent post, LawNext PR is a sponsored podcast series focusing exclusively on the latest news announcements coming out of the world of legal tech.

In each episode, we’ll interview legal tech companies about their breaking news – new ،ucts or features, mergers and acquisitions, industry surveys, and more – going behind the press release to get the details that you’d want to know.

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