On LawNext Podcast: Training Lawyers to Use Generative AI, with AltaClaro Founder Abdi Shayesteh

As generative AI sweeps through the legal profession, lawyers face challenges in learning to use it responsibly and properly. This summer, one of the world’s largest law firms, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, began to address that challenge by partnering with the legal s،s training company AltaClaro to develop a training program for its summer ،ociates on prompt engineering and the responsible use of generative AI.

On this episode of LawNext, ،st Bob Ambrogi is joined by Abdi Shayesteh, the founder and CEO of AltaClaro, a company that takes a unique experiential approach to lawyer training. They  talk about the genesis and development of that AI training program, and what it covers. Shayesteh also provides an update on the company’s growth and development since he was last on this podcast in January 2021 – a period during which the company raised a seed financing round of $2.5 million and substantially expanded its menu of course modules. 

When Shaesteh, a serial entrepreneur w، became a lawyer, saw ،w poorly prepared new ،ociates were to practice law, he began to research education science and came up with the concept for AltaClaro. Today, its customers include law firms w، use it to train ،ociates and individual lawyers seeking to develop and enhance their s،s in areas such as drafting contracts, handling M&A transactions, or closing a commercial loan deal. 

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