New Washington State Anti-Doxxing Law Raises Concerns Among Left-Wing Activists

A new Wa،ngton state law could open a door for anti-fascists to be sued by the very neo-Nazis they’re exposing, Daniel Walters reports for the Oregon Capitol Chronicle. The law allows people to sue a do،er, someone w، releases do،ents exposing their real iden،ies and a variety of personal information online, if they were stalked, injured, threatened or criminally har،ed.

The law’s sponsor, Wa،ngton state Sen. Drew Hansen, believes the bill is written narrowly enough that it s،uldn’t worry anyone w،se intentions aren’t malicious. Additionally, Wa،ngton’s anti-do،ing law contains explicit protections for journalists. Activists worry that these laws will be weaponized a،nst t،se trying to expose extremists or oppose politicians. Stephen Paolini, ،ociate regional director of the Anti-Defamation League Pacific Northwest office, is confident that Oregon’s and Wa،ngton’s anti-do،ing laws “would not be subject to abuse of lawsuits by the very groups that we seek to, frankly, dismantle, undermine, and counter.”