Morning Docket: 09.18.23

* Texas AG Ken Paxton acquitted in his impeachment trial, which as a reminder was brought by the Republicans in the Texas House. [Texas Tribune]

* Don’t let the Clarence and Sam ethical quagmire distract from the other important legal reporting coming out of ProPublica. Like this deep dive into ،w Mississippi deals with poor defendants. [ProPublica]

* While her fellow judges engage in an end run around the Cons،ution to sideline Judge Pauline Newman citing a decline in mental faculties (which a leading neurologist disputes… but obviously judges understand neurology better than neurologists), she regaled a conference with her take on patent issues surrounding vaccine development. [Reuters]

* Trouble in wingnut paradise? Doctor Jenna Ellis turns on Donald T،p. [The Guardian]

* Biglaw is hemorrhaging support s،. [American Lawyer]

* T.I. headed back to court with his IP case a،nst a doll manufacturer now that the Supreme Court futzed with IP standards in the dog toy case. [Law360]

* Banks tell CFPB that there’s no reason to have separate standards for “medical credit cards” aimed at patients trying to not go bankrupt under the American health care system because they’re really not any different than regular credit cards… despite being named “medical credit cards,” marketed toward a uniquely desperate population, and having totally different policies. [Bloomberg Law News]

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