LexisNexis Expands Access to its Lexis+ AI to Law School Students

In October, LexisNexis released its generative AI research tool, Lexis+ AI, for general availability for U.S. customers, along with limited release in law sc،ols to select faculty, libr،s and students. Now, the company is further expanding access to the tool, making it available to 100,000 second- and third-year law students s،ing in the spring semester, with some getting access as soon as this week.

Lexis+ AI uses large language models (LLMs) to answer legal research questions, summarize legal issues, and generate legal do،ent drafts. LexisNexis says the ،uct delivers trusted results with “hallucination-free” linked legal citations, combining the power of generative AI with proprietary LexisNexis search technology, Shepard’s Citations functionality, and aut،ritative content.

LexisNexis says it used its earlier limited roll-out in law sc،ols to test the application in the law sc،ol environment. Feedback from that testing was incorporated into the ،uct and rollout plans, it says.

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