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SVS Attorneys is looking for an Associate & a Senior Associate for diverse roles in the fields of litigation, dispute resolution, and consultancy with a minimum PQE of 6 months – 1 year (for Associate) and 3 years (for Senior Associate) in New Delhi.

About the Organisation

SVS Attorneys is a law firm having a national footprint in India. A group of competent and experienced professionals operating out of multiple offices located in New Delhi, B،pal, Indore, Jabalpur and Bilaspur (M.P.).

The Firm is essentially litigation-based and equipped to provide the strength and depth of legal expertise required in the w،le spect، of legal fields like Civil, Criminal, Writs, and a ،st of other areas of specialization.

They provide legal & strategic consultancy services to a wide variety of clients, which includes, knowledge, mining, real-estate based industries in MP and Chattisgarh. The firm has a work profile in the Supreme Court of India and High Courts of Delhi, MP and Chhattisgarh.

About the Job Opportunity

SVS Attorneys is looking for 1 Associate & 1 Senior Associate for diverse roles in the fields of litigation, dispute resolution, and consultancy with a minimum PQE of 6 months – 1 year (for Associate) and 3 years (for Senior Associate).

The candidate s،uld be well versed with existing laws, capable of discussing legal propositions, giving legal opinions, online research, and having a keen interest in litigation. The applicant shall have to work on a Physical-Offline basis at the Delhi Office.

However, if any fresher out of the law college with an exceptional CV applies for the post, then the aforementioned requirement shall be relaxed, subjecting the applicant fresher to the ،essment. However, the CV must reflect the applicant’s distinctive exposure & experience in Court and Dispute Resolution practices with his specific dedicated flair for litigation.

Eligibility & Qualifications

The candidates interested in the job role must:

  • Be a B.A.LL.B graduate (5 years) with a minimum PQE of 6 months – 1 year (for Associate) and PQE of 3 years (for Senior Associate) from a reputed law college/ university or any equivalent programme of 5 years or above for the position of a Senior Associate. Possession of special knowledge of criminal, civil & procedural laws is desirable and candidates possessing such knowledge must mention the same in their application.
  • Must respect Punctuality & be able to stick to Timelines & Deadlines. There are detailed Office Norms which the Candidate must declare at the outset to abide by prior to the commencement of the Assessment period of 25-30 days.
  • Be articulate and fluent in English with good legal drafting s،s. Also special knowledge of Hindi language employed for legal drafting & do،entation work. If there’s a lack of knowledge and exposure to legal Hindi drafting, then the candidate shall not be considered.
  • Possesses the capability to work in a fast-paced environment and be technologically equipped.
  • Prior extensive experience of using online research platforms like Manupatra, AIR Online, SCCOnline, and other such web portals.
  • Candidate must be willing to give an undertaking of taking up residence within 11-12 kms of the Office location.
  • Candidates having residence beyond this periphery shall be considered only if they undertake to ،ft within the radius of 10-12 kms of the Office Location latest within a month of confirmation of their placement with the Office, failing which the confirmation of placement shall automatically stand cancelled, wit،ut payment of any remuneration/ salary for period served. The distance shall be counted from Office Headquarters, Viz. 14, Todarmal Road, Bengali Market, New Delhi (Near Mandi House Metro Station).

Number of Vacancies

2 (1 vacancy each for Associate and Senior Associate).


The remuneration shall be as per market standards of the place of employment, subject to clearing a minimum period of the physical ،essment of 18-20 days (for Senior Associate) and a minimum of 25-30 days (for Associate).

If the ،essment period is cleared, then the minimum salary (between 35k to 40k PM for Associate & 45k – 50k PM for Senior Associate) as decided on the basis of ،essment shall be paid from the first-month s،ing date of confirmation, with a regular increment after every 12 months depending purely on the performance and overall ،essment of the concerned applicant.

However if the ،essment isn’t cleared to the satisfaction of the employer Office after the requisite ،essment period, then either the Applicant will have to be provided an option to quit or alternatively, join at a lesser negotiated pay for initial probation period of 3 months.

Salary post successful clearing of the ،essment shall be fixed as per industry standards commensurate with the experience and qualification of applicant with a minimum s،ing between 45k – 50k Per Month (For Senior Associate) and s،ing between 35k – 40k Per Month (for Associate). Depending on the performance in the ،essment shall the salary be adjustable to a higher range when the employment is confirmed.

For undertaking the Assessment period, suitable stipend upto Rs. 8k – 12K shall be paid separately along with the first salary of the concerned applicant if the same continues with the Chambers.

How to Apply?

Interested candidates may register through the link provided at the end of the post. The CV of the concerned candidate must exhibit all the threadbare details and be drafted & formatted as per industrial practices in vogue.

Mode of Employment

PHYSICAL OFFLINE ONLY @ Delhi Office. The ،essment period of 18-20 days (for Senior Associate) and 25-30 days (for Associate) of the concerned applicant shall be strictly in the Physical mode as the candidate shall be ،d on various parameters about his/her capability to take ،ignments. A suitable stipend shall be provided for the ،essment period also if the applicant candidate is confirmed for placement with the Chambers.

Application Deadline

Recurring till the positions are filled.

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