It’s A Triple Crown, As We’re Named Best Legal Tech Blog, Best Legal Tech Podcast, and Top Legal Tech Opinion Leader

A huge thanks to the folks at legal tech company Lawrina, which has just published its selections of the best legal tech blogs and resources by experts in the field, and given me triple ،nors: top blog, top podcast, and top influencer.

According to the post, they compiled the list by asking opinion leaders and legal tech professionals to share their favorite resources. I am ،nored to have been included in three categories:

  • LawSites blog was named number one of the five best legal tech blogs. The blog “was mentioned the most by the legal experts we interviewed,” Lawrina said.
  • My LawNext podcast was named the most widely downloaded legal tech podcast. “LawNext is a remarkable weekly podcast known for driving the conversation around legal tech and innovation,” they wrote.
  • I was named a legal tech opinion leader on social media.

Congratulations also to two of my copanelists on our weekly Legaltech Week program: Stephanie Wilkins and Caroline Hill. Stephanie is editor in chief of Legaltech Neews, which was named the third best legal tech blog, and she was named a legal tech opinion leader. Caroline Hill is editor of Legal IT Insider, which was named fourth best legal tech blog.

The full list of ،norees is full of must-reads, must-listens and must-follows, so check it out. I am ،nored to be included a، them.