It Depends – Am I affected by the 2023 superannuation changes? – Income Tax

27 January 2024

Cooper Grace Ward

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In this edition of ‘It depends’, partner Scott
Hay-Bartlem talks about whether you might be affected by the latest
changes to superannuation.

Scott, along with Clinton Jackson and Steven Jell, will be
covering this topic in more detail during their ‘SMSF
Update’ session at our Annual Adviser Conference on 21 and 22
March. Register
now to attend live at Sofitel Brisbane or virtually.

Video transcript

Hello, in this It depends we’re going to talk about am I
affected by the changes to superannuation during 2023?

Am I affected by the changes to superannuation in 2023?

It depends. We had lots of things changing and I’ll go
through some of them now.

What are some of the important changes to superannuation in

There’s a range of things that happened in 2023 in super
world. We had some more detail out about the non-arm’s length
expenses rules that have been around for a couple of years now, but
leaving some uncertainty. We had some more out about member versus
death benefits, also so،ing which we’ve had some uncertainty
around. It’s all becoming somewhat clearer. We had lots of
interesting cases, so there’s some there about non arm’s
length income, some there about death benefits. All very important
and exciting. We’ve also got the Div 296 tax, which is still
another year or so off, but we’ve got the draft

What are some other things that we’re seeing in SMSFs in

As well as t،se law changes, there’s a few areas that
we’ve seen cat،g people out during 2023, including getting
your death benefit do،ents right, making sure you review your
SMSF estate planning regularly because stuff changes and rogue
members. Now, there’s a lot happening. A lot happened. A lot
still happening. We’re going to cover off this SMSF update and
the Div 296 tax at our upcoming advisor conference. It’s
happening here in Brisbane on 21 and 22 March and virtually and the
SMSF stuff, we’re covering as usual on that Thursday afternoon
the 21st. So, any questions about super updates, things that have
been happening, talk to one of our SMSF specialist advisors and I
،pe we’ll see you at the Annual Advisor conference in

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