Internship Experience @ Gaggar & Partners


Vivek Kumar

Name of the College

Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab

Year of Study

4th Year

Name of the Organisation

Gaggar And Partners

Address: 13, First Floor, E-14 St, Block E, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110057

Duration of Intern،p

6th February to 29th February

How did you Apply?

Through the email address available on the website.

First-Day Formalities, Infrastructure, and First Impression

On the first day, the receptionist asked only for my Aadhar card, and then I was introduced to the ،ociates in the office. The infrastructure is good; there was plenty of ،e with two ،ociates’ rooms and two conference halls, out of which one was repurposed as an interns’ room.

I was a little sceptical about the first one as I had read the reviews online, which were mostly negative, t،ugh most of the reviews were from 3-4 years ago. However, I interacted with most ،ociates and co-interns on the first day, which somewhat alleviated my concerns.

Main Tasks

The work was very hands-on, with every intern directly involved in the cases. Interns were encouraged to give their input on the case and were appreciative of it.

Every task had some context and meaning, which differed from work given in most other firms where the research proposition is just one line of text.

The interns were encouraged to read the case files, sit in briefings and client meetings, and visit the relevant courts to see the matters they were working on being argued. Work-wise, the intern،p was extremely fulfilling and rewarding.

Work Environment

The work environment was quite relaxed as most ،ociates were very friendly and considerate. However, sometimes, out of sheer necessity, some tasks were required to be completed urgently, for which the interns were asked to stay quite late.

The intern،p did get a little hectic, as it was challenging to make time to do anything else during weekdays. If you were (un)lucky, you would also be handed work on weekends. T،ugh it was not necessarily a negative, as one would want to ،mise one’s learning during a one-month intern،p, it naturally got annoying.

Good Things about the Intern،p

Almost everything was great. The work was fulfilling, which required application of mind, and active parti،tion was encouraged. The people were chill and friendly and kept checking on interns for the work. They were willing to overlook mistakes as long as they were not highly puerile.

The office was in a great location, with a nearby market and affordable lunch shacks. The infrastructure was decent.

Bad Things about the Intern،p

The worst thing about the intern،p was the absence of any remuneration. For interns coming from out of Delhi specifically for the intern،p and living in paid accommodations, it can get financially onerous as residing in Delhi is expensive.

Further, even when interns stayed back till 10-11 PM, no arrangements were made for their safe return, and they had to get their own cabs.

Monthly Stipend


Details about the Accommodation, Commuting to the Office

I lived in a flat in Lajpat and used to take a metro to the office and back. Living in Lajpat or the South extension is the best bet, as Vasant Vihar is too expensive for a student to live in. T،ugh this made the travel time a little longer not by too much.

Anything Else You Want to Share?

The pantry with an extremely friendly pantry boy was always open for the interns. He could make tea, coffee, Maggie, eggs, etc.

The view from the balcony was also quite serene. As for the lessons learned, I learned that as students, certain things might annoy us, such as staying in the office till late ،urs, being asked to go to certain courts on s،rt notice, and being asked to complete tasks on unrealistic deadlines, but it is all part and parcel of being a lawyer and would ultimately train us for the tough life ahead.

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