Indian Man Charged With Hiring DEA Agent To Assassinate Sikh Activist

An Indian national, Nikhail Gupta, has been charged by the Justice Department for his role coordinating an ،،ination attempt a،nst an American Sikh separatist in New York, Murtaza Hussain reports for The Intercept. Gupta was allegedly working on the orders of an Indian government official and hired an undercover DEA agent as a ‘hitman’ with a $15,000 advance for the ، of Gurpatwant Singh Pannum. Pannum is general counsel for the activist group Sikhs for Justice.

Around the same time as the plot a،nst Pannum, a Ca،ian leader in the Sikh separatist movement, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, was ،ed. The Ca،ian government alleged the involvement of the Indian government in that case too.