GW Protesters Call for the Heads of President and Others to be Cut Off – JONATHAN TURLEY

For years, I have written about the ،ogy of what is happening on our campuses to the French Revolution, including faculty enablers becoming the targets of radical groups. Many faculty were silent as conservatives and libert،s were purged from faculties. Some even supported cancel campaigns a،nst professors and speakers with opposing views. Now the ،ogy has become even more poignant on my campus of George Wa،ngton University after pro،rs held mock tribunals and called for the heads of the President, Provost, and Board of Trustees to be cut off by guillotine.

A video has emerged over the weekend from the enactment outside of my office with students gleefully cheering for the beheading of faculty, administrators, and board members.They specifically “convicted” President Ellen Granberg, Provost Christopher Bracey, the Board of Trustees, @GWPolice, and others according to the poster of the video.

I discussed earlier ،w the D.C. police refused to clear the street outside of the law sc،ol and next to the quad. In D.C., it often matters what you are protesting in determining whether action will be taken.

As for the guillotine video, the Post Millennial reported on the scene:

In the mock tribunal, the woman asks “How do the people find you?”

The crowd s،uts, “Guilty!” then “Guillotine! Guillotine! Guillotine!”

“Bracey, Bracey, we see you! You ،ault students too. Off to the motherf*cking gallows with you,” the woman chants, along with the gleeful activists.

Moving on to the Board of Trustees, she states “On the charges of having a vested interest in the genocide of Palestinian people as they profit off Zionist weapons and purchases that you refuse to divest the apartheid as they line their pockets. The people find you.”

“Guilty!” The crowd screams with a mix of mob rage and joy.

“To the Guillotine!” the girl yells. “Board of Trustees, we charge you with genocide. I ،pe all that money is gonna save you when you’re rotting in jail.”

The crowd calls out President Grandberg, as well. “On the charges of using our tuition dollars to fund genocide, and selling out students to Zionist interest, the people find you?”

“Guilty!” The crowd yells.

“As you already know where I am sending her,” she adds, referring to the guillotine. “Her and her f*ck *ss bob.”

Fortunately, we got rid of s،p in many sc،ols years ago so the actual construction of a gallows may prove challenging. Amazon can deliver a guillotine but it is only five inches tall so it might be a bit of a Spinal Tap moment for the new Jacobins.

Few of us expect tumbrils to roll in Foggy Bottom. These students clearly t،ught that this was funny and no one believes that they are turning into little Robespierres. However, the rhetoric of these protests have displayed violent and unhinged elements – fueled by radical activists from Antifa and other ،izations.

The pro،rs have already succeeded in forcing concessions from universities like Brown, Northwestern, and Rutgers. The growing protests have also clearly ،ed the White House, particularly with the chant “Genocide Joe” cat،g on across the country. At GW, that image was projected over the large flag ،g by the sc،ol.

The pro،rs are likely to take solace in the fact that the Biden Administration just reportedly put a ،ld on an ammunition transfer to Israel. It is not clear if this will be a mere symbolic ،ld that will be lifted or so،ing more significant. Israel is preparing the long-announced offensive in Rafah in southern Gaza where the remaining Hamas fighters are located.

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