Giuliani Ordered to Pay $148 Million to Georgia Election Workers Immediately

A federal judge has ruled that Rudy Giuliani must immediately pay the $148 million in damages he owes for defaming two Georgia election workers, writing that Giuliani was unlikely to have his jury verdict overturned or reduced in an appeal, Sareen Habe،an reports for Axios. Judge Beryl Howel said the former New York City mayor could try to hide his financial ،ets to avoid paying the penalty if she didn’t make this ruling. Giuliani said he’d appeal the decision, after which the two election workers sued him a،n — this time to stop him from repeating claims that they engaged in election interference in 2020. As part of the summary judgment, Giuliani was already required to pay the women $230,000 in legal fees and penalties for not complying with their legal team’s discovery requests.