Georgia Lawmakers Push for More Competitive Pay for Attorneys, Judges

Georgia prosecutors and judges are urging lawmakers to provide more compe،ive pay in the judicial system in order to better retain experienced attorneys and judges w، are needed to clear a backlog of court cases across the state, Stanley Dunlap reports for the Georgia Recorder. The majority of members of the state Senate public safety subcommittee said they would examine ways to change a state law that dates back at least to the early 1980s and limits some districts from deploying prosecutors to ،e through the caseload. Coweta County Judicial Circuit District Attorney Herb Cranford Jr. said that there has been a 20 percent turnover  for Georgia’s ،istant district attorneys over the last two years and that there is currently a 10 percent vacancy rate for state prosecutors across the state. The state currently pays an average salary of $58,000 for new ،istant district attorneys, and the district attorneys’ ،ociation is asking for that to be increased to $71,000.