FREE Cannabis Loans and Investments Webinar: February 28th

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Please join us for our latest cannabis business webinar, focused on “Cannabis Loans and Investments”.

In 2024, a constellation of factors makes things very interesting for both cannabis industry investors and businesses:

  • More states are open for business and investment than ever before
  • In the macroeconomic environment, interest rates are high (especially compared to a few years back), but rates are projected to come down a،n
  • Many cannabis businesses are struggling, but marijuana may move to Schedule III at some point this year, increasing margins

Whether you’re an investor eyeing favorable debt or equity terms, or a cannabis entrepreneur seeking to secure finance, this webinar has you covered. Equip yourself with financial insights that can help you stride confidently in this ever-evolving industry.

Topics of focus:

  • The intricacies of the cannabis financial landscape
  • Risk management
  • Navigating lending complexities
  • Capitalizing on investment opportunities
  • Potential impacts of the proposed re-scheduling of marijuana

We’ll also tackle some of the pressing issues such as regulatory challenges and ،w to navigate the cannabis industry with secure financial strategies.

Don’t miss out: this is your step towards becoming a well-informed player in the world of cannabis loans and investments.

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