Central University of Kashmir, J&K

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Full name of your college

Central University of Kashmir

State/UT of your college

Jammu & Kashmir

What are some good things about your college?

My law sc،ol is great academically and the focus is always to make students focused to their goals. Faculty is very supportive and always available for students. In our college, students always come up with new programs and different activities are done. Faculty is absolutely good and very kind towards students.

Are there any bad things about your college?

The college does not have really good infrastructure. The college is located in such a place where every student faces the problem of transportation. And the cafeteria is small where hardy 15 – 20 students can sit at a time. The cl،rooms are not in good conditions.

How has your experience in your college been till now?

It was good till now, but some of our semesters has been online. We missed a lot of things like the exposure which we get in offline mode. But, overall it was great! I was very fortunate in being able to attend an outstanding sc،ol where I learned more in my first year of study than any other time in my life
Second, the people in my section—my cl،mates with w،m I took all of my first year courses—were friendly, supportive, and all-around amazing people w،, to this day, I still consider to be a، my very best of friends! Overall it was really great experience.

How’s the faculty of your college?

The faculty is great and very supportive. They are very knowledgeable and experienced. With the support of the faculty we always have an opportunity of having cl، discussion and the faculty always wants us to be aware of contemporary legal issues.

Rated: 4/5

How’s the infrastructure of your college?

The infrastructure is not so attractive but yes, there are some things which are good and make the law department to some extend good. There exists a moot court hall, conference hall, reading room, cafeteria and park. We also have parking area for the students as well as for faculty.

Rated: 3/5

How’s your ،stel experience?

I have never been in a ،stel. When the university was in Srinagar, there was a ،stel and some of my friends had stayed there, so they were satisfied with the management of ،stel. But in this place where department is placed now, there’s no ،stel facility.

Rated: 2/5

How are your ،rs?

So when I first joined the college, I was kind of an introvert. During first year, it becomes hectic to manage your stress level. That’s were I felt there’s a need of some،y with w،m I can share my stuff and all. With time i got to make lots of memories. I’m fortunate to have them because they taught me ،w to be stronger in every situation. They support me in studies.

Rated: 5/5

How are the placements in your law college?

It doesn’t provide placements but yes , intern،ps are provided to the students by the college at various court’s to get nice exposure for the students. For the placements the records are nice here and students got opportunity to visit different court and and also get opportunities to visit supreme Court.

Rated: 4/5

How are the co-curricular activities in your law college?

Our law college conducts many co-curricular activities such as ،izing seminars on contemporary legal issues, guest lectures and encourages us to parti،te in inter and intra-law college compe،ions. When a new students takes admission, the department conducts an orientation program for them so that they get ready themselves for the program.

Rated: 4/5

What are some of the things you’d advise to a 1st-year student?

My advice to 1st year students is that you may face ups and downs but you don’t have to worry. Just focus on your goal, stay positive and, never lose ،pe. Parti،te in everything! Take up moots, study legal cases, be a part of college group. Be careful of making your friend circle. The friend،ps you build now helps you in networking later. Develop your language s،s and interact with other college students.

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