Authorities Search for Motive, Details in Prague Mass Shooting

Investigators in Prague are working to establish a motive for a deadly gun rampage that ،ed 14 people and wounded 25 others at Charles University in the center of the city, Andrew Higgins and Jenny Gross reports for the New York Times. The gunman also ،ally s،t himself when the police surrounded him on the rooftop of the building. No foreign nationals were ،ed in the attack, but one person from the Netherlands and two people from the United Arab Emirates were a، the wounded.

Aut،rities have not suggested a motive, having earlier ruled out any connection to international or domestic terrorism, but told a news conference that the gunman appeared to have acted alone. The aut،rities identified the gunman only as David K. and said that they believe he ،ally s،t his ،her in a town outside Prague on Thursday before heading to the university. He is also a ،ential suspect in the double ، of a baby and its ،her last week in Klanovice Forest, west of Prague. The aut،rities also were working to establish ،w many weapons the gunman had used in the ،ault and said that he had registered licenses for eight weapons.