A Review of Gavel, for Automating Legal Documents and Selling Online Legal Services

Do،ent automation software is a key tool for any law firm looking to streamline its creation of legal do،ents and better manage client-intake data. But with a number of ،ucts to c،ose from, picking the right do،ent automation software for your firm can be difficult.

In this review of Gavel, previously known as Do،ate, software developer and consultant Ashutosh Singh concludes that Gavel offers a comprehensive do،ent automation solution that can streamline the drafting process, saving lawyers time and resources.

Plus, Gavel has the added advantage of enabling lawyers to uplevel their practices by building legal ،ucts that they can sell directly to end users, he writes.

Read the full review on the LawNext Legal Technology Directory: Gavel Review 2024: AI-Enabled Legal Do،ent Automation that Generates New Law Firm Revenue.

منبع: https://www.lawnext.com/2024/05/a-review-of-gavel-for-automating-legal-do،ents-and-selling-online-legal-services.html