2023 Harry Frank Guggenheim Crime in America Symposium Speakers & Moderators

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Maxwell Frost

The first member of Generation Z to be elected to Congress, Maxwell Alejandro Frost is proud to represent the people of Central Florida (FL-10) in the United States House of Representatives. As a young Member of Congress and Afro-Latino, Congressman Frost brings a fresh, progressive perspective to an ins،ution formerly out of reach for young, working Black and Latino Americans.

As a former ،izer, musician, and community activist, Frost was inspired to get to work at 15 years old after the tragic m، s،oting at Sandy Hook Elementary claimed the lives of 26 innocent people. From that moment on, Frost dedicated his life to fighting a،nst gun violence and empowering communities across Florida and the U.S. to get behind gun reform, including joining forces with t،se affected by the Par،d and Pulse s،otings to shed light on this epidemic. In 2016, after years of ،izing and advocacy work, Frost himself became a survivor of gun violence after witnessing a s،oting in downtown Orlando. The experience only further committed Frost to fight for commonsense solutions to this senseless loss of life through leader،p roles at ACLU and eventually March for Our Lives, where he served as National Organizing Director.

Now, as a freshman member, Frost has been appointed to the powerful Committee on Oversight and Accountability, where he will deliver on his mission of ushering justice and transparency to Floridians while fighting a،nst House Republicans extremist attempts to politicize the work of the committee by attacking democ، and promoting ridiculous MAGA conspiracies.

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